• ​So you've received a 40-Year Re-Certification Notice...
    Now What?

    Allow us to make this as painless as possible for you.
  • Go With a Specialist

    All we do is 40-Year Re-Certification inspections, with a passion. 
  • No Job is Too Large or Small

    Whether your property is a small office, the tallest of high-rises or the largest of commercial developments, we can help.  

Four Simple Steps to Compliance​​


Provide us with your re-certification notice, get pricing and determine the best time to visit the property


Perform the initial site visit to point out any issues and review the easiest path to compliance


Prepare the reports according to jurisdictional requirements, signed and sealed by our engineers


 Present reports and fees to the proper authorities in a timely manner and wait for approval

Why Choose Us?


Our team has inspected over 30-million square feet of buildings of all types and knows exactly what you need to achieve compliance quickly


95% of our inspections are scheduled and reported on within 72 hours, unlike the typical wait time of 14 days or more


We offer attractive pricing that's hard to beat, and won't bait-and-switch you with other providers that bleed you for more money after the process has begun

What Are You Waiting For?

Submit Your Reports On-Time

Avoid Costly Fines 

Do It Right the First Time

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